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Below are examples of someĀ of my work in both creating and using modular sets to construct gameplay spaces and architecture in Project Copernicus.

A few of the modular assets I made to create the "Crypt". Had the added benefit of being able to swap pieces during post-launch to open new passages and content.


In addition to creating the modular pieces for the Crypt I also completed the layout, setdress, and some of the lighting.


The Crypt had the benefit of being a large space with a low memory footprint due to the re-use of assets.


The Deinir were an enemy NPC in Project Copernicus which required architecture with enough gameplay space for combat, as well as a lower memory footprint than our playable races architecture sets. The resulting modular set I created was pieces that could be stringed together to create large tracks of guided gameplay in both horizontal and vertical space.

The Deinir modular structures versatility allowed for combat space both below them and in them.

A Massariol (halfling) defensive structure made out of modular components. This posed a significant problem as this was the first ground structure for the race. Previously all Massariol architecture was hanging from trees and required no support structures.

A modular structure I created for the Giant race using pre-existing components.