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Being an environment artist at 38 required you to wear a lot of hats. In addition to my zone work I also painted several textures, learned speedtree, and collaborated with our tech artists to create new shaders.

A texture atlas for our Giant Architecture. We often created easily re-usable texture atlases to limit the amount of materials an asset would draw. These were all painted in photoshop.


A collage of tileable textures for our Dark Elf race's architecture. All hand-painted in photoshop.

A collection of trees I created for Copernicus. I was part of an initial strike force of 3 artists to learn and spread the knowledge of the speedtree program. I became very efficient with the program, and all of these trees were created using solely speedtree.

An example of a tree I created in Speedtree. Posed a significant challenge as the tree had to end around itself and re-enter the ground to create an infinity loop. Every tree I made never used hand-drawn elements so they could be easily altered and changed with forces for variations if need be.

An example of one of the shaders I helped develop. By using different color channels it allowed the artist to paint in dirt on the cloth banners as well as tears/holes. Since our cloth used a tileabe texture, this allowed us to create unique shapes in large stretches of fabric such as sails without requiring us to paint unique textures. Here you can see a side by side comparison of our old and new shader in action.