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 As an Environment Designer at Carbine Studios I spent my time in many different aspects of development.  To create the world of Wildstar, it took everything from terrain sculpting and layout to modeling and vfx.

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Exile Arkship

Exile Arkship - Modeling and Layout

Dominion Arkship

Dominion Arkship - Modeling, Layout, and Terrain Sculpt

Genetic Archives Act 1

Genetic Archives Act 1 - Modeling and Layout

Augmentor Arena

Augmentor Arena - Modeling, Layout, FX and Design


Datascape - Modeling, Layout, Terrain Sculpt and FX

Exolabs and Ultimate Protogames

Exolabs and Protogames - Modeling, Layout, and Terrain Sculpt


Winterfest - Modeling


Housing - Modeling, Layout and Terrain Sculpt