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The following zones were all done in UE3 and are rendered in realtime.  I was a principle artist on each of the three zones shown here, duties which required me to work hand in hand with our content designers to ensure zone flow and gameplay spaces met our standards.  I also supervised two additional artists during this time.  This entailed setting up reviews, managing scrum documentation, completing revisions, providing critiques, handling zone aesthetics, and passing all technical specifications on schedule.  In each screenshot I am partially or fully responsible for the setdress, layout, localized lighting, groundscale foliage, terrain texture decal and asset creation.  I do want to stress that many of the assets shown were created by my talented team members at 38 and I would be happy to discuss specifics with you if you’re interested.  This is also a small sampling of my work at 38 Studios and I have plenty of additional level work to show if requested.

Progress Shots of Dregshore

Zone Building Process - Terrain sculpt and paint refinement, setdress and layout, lighting adjustments, foliage palette chosen

Zone Building Process - Finalized layout and setdress, tech buget reached (draw calls, tri limits, shader complexity, etc.), ground scale foliage chosen and placed, minor atmospheric and lighting adjustments


Dregshore - Night

Dominion of Valor

Dominion of Valor

Dominion of Valor - Prison

Teeth of Naros

Teeth of Naros - Marble Quarry